Friday, July 17, 2009

return after a break


It's been a while I haven't update this blog, due to tonnes of assignment and studies to do, as i am in kedah matriculation right now. But, there's is something that made me to fully left this blog unloaded with new post. In conjunction, there is info I can share with all the readers, where I could get from anyone, as I know not only pious people can only made us realise our faith towards Allah...

Just for your info, I need to write the upcoming posts in English due to MUET is just around the corner, somewhere in October. Following Mr Ash's words of wisdom beside practicing to speak the British tongue, he stated that all of his students need to work out on a blog, and yet i prefer to update this blog, insya-Allah, perhaps we can share about Islamic thoughts as I am not really that high in Islam. Therefore, together we learn to be a good mukmin and achieve the success in world and hereafter, in Allah's willing.